Shuttle bus

※ THSR: Taiwan High Speed ​​Rail Yunlin Station

※ Sun Hao Hotel: The Conference venue




Transportation Information
Airport to venue Step1:
Take bus from Taoyuan International Airport to Taichung
Fare: around NT$240 ;
Travel Time: 2hrs 10mins
There is no direct train or bus traveling from the airport to Yunlin County. Bus tickets are available at both Terminals.
There are several bus companies that service to Taichung city Train Station.
Take train from Taichung to Douliou Train Station
The conference venue is located in Douliou City of Yunlin Country. When you arrive Taichung Train Station, you have to buy a ticket to Douliou city.
There are three different kinds of train:
Tze-Chiang (Fastest)— Fare: around NT$ 150
Travel Time: 50 mins
Chu-Kuang (Medium) —Fare: around NT$ 120
Travel Time: 1hr
Local Train— Fare: around NT$ 98;
Travel Time: 1hr 20 mins
Take Taxi from Douliou Train Station to the conference venue:Sun Hao International Hotel
Fare: around NT$ 150
Travel Time: 10 mins
High Speed Railway From Yunlin HSR Station take the HSR shuttle bus to Sacred Hearts High School.
The hotel is around a 10-minute walk from the school.
Train The hotel is around a 25-minute walk from Douliu train station
(it is recommended that guests take a taxi or mass transportation)
Bus Tai Si Schedule
Douliou Station TEL:+886-5-532-2016
Solar Schedule
Douliou Station TEL:+886-5-532-6167  
Highway National Highway No. 1 South
National Highway No. 1 (230.5 km)→Exit at Huwei interchange, take Xiping Rd.→
Sun Hao International Hotel(No. 35, Douliu 5th Road, Douliu City, Yunlin County, 640)
National Highway No. 3 North
National Highway No. 3 (269.2 km)→Exit at Douliu interchange, take Provincial Highway 3 and pass over the bridge→
Sun Hao International Hotel(No. 35, Douliu 5th Road, Douliu City, Yunlin County, 640)
+886-5-533-4833 .532-3833